Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

Radio Hams react to Ionospheric change by reflecting radio waves off its layers. Here you can observe their operational status live and so see if real life ionisation from the Sun is in process and being used:

VHF Aurora:

144 MHz E-Skip:
From The DXrobot

Radioflux SUN
by Nicolaas Heijblok and Herman Schurink

NOAA / SWPC Real-time Monitor Displays

Solar event listings


Thanks to Kent Britain for providing the following documents on his website

Meteor showers

Nancay, France observatory


WikiSky - Exploring the Sky

SOHO - Exploring the SUN

Radio SUN today
AIP-OSRA Sweep Spektrometer

SUN activity during the last days

SUN's X-ray activity

SUN activity's impact on radio wave propagation

Real time neutron monitor data

Useful solar and heliospheric data

Fringe Dwellers

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